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Upgrade Sale Customer Experience

Upgrade Sale Online Customer Experience

In UNDER 3 MINUTES, witness the journey of our classic Upgrade Sale. 🚗

We don't just send your customers to a website to click a link to register. Our loyalty events engage customers, and funnel them through an experience.

There's far more going on, under the hood.

Video Transcript:

"Hey, Shawn with Shift Marketing Auto here. I'm gonna take you through our classic Upgrade Sale campaign online customer experience. Here we go…

At the top is a countdown timer, letting the customer know that this is a time sensitive event, that they should act quickly, creating some urgency. At the bottom is the cash incentives from the manufacturer, as well as the lowest interest rate being offered that month. Then over here you can see that there is the loyalty voucher or trade-in voucher. This is the added incentive that we're providing the customer or the loyal customer for taking action into the campaign. This is the special thing. We're giving them some love, and this is what we're using to hook the customer and get them to respond. They can move this slider - out with the old, in with the new. Kind of cool, but generally they're gonna land on this first page, enter in their promo code. That promo code's unique. It identifies them to our system, so as soon as they hit continue, we know who they are and we start tracking their behaviour. If they click the link in their email or text message, it'll already be done for them and they'll start the next step right away.

Once they're in here, they confirm their contact details. Again, we know who they are, so they just have to confirm. 60% of customers will drop off the website if we don't show them that we know who they are. So if you, if you send a customer to a website like this, when they have to fill in a form, they're not gonna fill it out. 60 to 70% of customers will bounce. So this just confirms the contact details, what the current vehicle is. There's a nice thank you message from the General Manager or the Sales Manager, and then they move into step two.

Now, in step two, they're just confirming their current vehicle information. How many kilometres are on that vehicle, what condition that vehicle's in, how did they pay for it? Was it leased? financed? What's the current payment? How much is owing? Or did they pay cash? What vehicle do they want to upgrade to? Now in this dropdown menu, there's a - in this example, it's set up as a variable voucher. So every single vehicle model has a different voucher value. That's what I would recommend. Get a loyalty voucher of say, $1,500 or $2,000 or more. That's the number that's gonna show up in the letter, email or text message, creating a really great hook to get your customer to respond. That being said, if you wanna make it a fixed amount across the board, you can do that too. But I highly recommend, a variable amount up to $1500 to $2,000 - generally gets the best response. What two features they're most interested in, these are just some talking points or hot buttons. How soon they're in the market, just to get a sense of their urgency and which sales rep do they want to connect with. Perhaps they remember one of your fine salespeople. This gives them the opportunity to connect with them there. If they don't remember the name of the sales rep or maybe that sales rep's moved on, they can choose not listed or don't recall, and then that's it. They hit claim the voucher and they're brought to the payoff page.

On this screen, two emails get sent out. One to you guys at the dealership to let you know that this customer's fully registered and that they're ready to have a conversation. Hoping to encourage that your sales team gets on the phone and books the appointment with them. The second email gets sent out to the customer, thanking them for registering into the upgrade sale, providing them with a digital copy of this voucher that they’re encouraged to print and treat like cash, and giving them a heads up that someone from the store will be reaching out to them very, very soon. I am done. That was Shawn with Shift Marketing Auto. I wanted to take you through it as quick as I could. Hope you're all doing well. My name is Shawn again with Shift Marketing Auto. We'll see you next time."

December 20, 2022
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