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Q&A: The Secrets to a Successful Campaign

Q&A: Brittany shares the secrets to a successful campaign. 

Brittany Hammermeister

Campaign Management, Shift Marketing

How has your experience been with Shift?

It’s been interesting to say the least, I am always learning something new and am met with new challenges and situations daily. I love the product Shift has to offer and I stand behind it. Our Team is the most rounded group of people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We are professional yet personable and fun. I love our customers and enjoy what I do every day.

How do clients make sure their campaign runs smoothly with Shift?

There are a number of things dealers can do to increase their event performance and make it a seamless process as well. Clear and strong communication between the Primary Contact, the Regional Manager and Campaign Manager throughout the event is important for both Shift and the dealer. When pulling customer data, dealers should be particular - data is a key ingredient to the campaign! Also, trusting in our letters wording, websites and call scripts and utilizing our CRM to its full potential will be helpful. Lastly, staff within the dealership should try to squeeze out as many sales as possible by working all the leads (and incomplete visits too!) in the CRM. Of course there are other factors, but these tips are great for any dealer running a Shift campaign.

What is it about Shift that you feel our clients love most?

The results are undeniable. If you follow our process fully and open up to it, you will see positive results 100%. We have unique and fun event options and are always coming out with some new, different and exciting products to offer. We have an extremely outgoing and personable team and are always willing to help and do what we can for our dealers. We make ourselves available East Coast to West Coast no matter the time zone.

What motivates Shift Campaign Managers?

We are passionate about what we do and we believe in the product and what it does for our dealers. Each month we set a new goal to achieve great responses with our events without error and leave our clients feeling satisfied. Efficiency and accuracy is key and we like to challenge ourselves to be faster and better every time.

This article was previously published in Shift Marketing Insider Magazine, Spring 2018.
July 28, 2022
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