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Shift Auto Campaign Experience

Shift Automotive Campaign Experience (Upgrade Sale)

Curious how Shift Auto's Loyalty Campaign works? đźš™

Here is our Campaign Experience from start to finish, in 5 easy steps...

Video Transcript:

"Shift Auto campaigns help target, incentivize and nurture customer relationships in your dealership database. Here’s how we do it, in 5 easy steps...

Step 1. Together we’ll identify existing Sales and Service contacts from your within your database, isolating key candidates who are most likely to respond.

Step 2. The Communication. Initially - this Letter arrives in a personalized envelope, and resembles that of a bill statement. There is an address window with the Customer’s name and address peering out, with an urgent message above that says Time Sensitive Communication Enclosed.

Once open, the customer is greeted by a professional, full colour invitation that has been merged with their personal details, making it seem as if it was written specifically for them. We mention your dealership, specifics about the event, the customer’s current vehicle model and year, encouraging they consider a possible trade. In this example, you can see that the store is offering Rates as low as 1.99%, or Cash Incentives up to $1,500 - plus a Loyalty Voucher valued at up to $2,000. All the customer has to do, is scan the QR code, or visit the campaign site (we host on your behalf) to register for the opportunity.

Our best responding campaigns also choose to send out a personalized Email invitation. Our CASL Compliant email contains much of the same information found in the Direct Mail invitation. However, if they click the link in their email, it will immediately bring them to the campaign site - and begin the registration process.

To ensure we do the best job possible to reach each customer, another option is to send out a personalized Text Message. Eligible contacts will receive a personalized Text message from your Dealership’s phone number. These Text messages often feature an image, matching the campaign’s theme, and some info on how to register. If the customer decides to respond via their mobile device, they will be brought to the mobile friendly registration experience online.

Step 3. The Campaign Website:

Once the customer visits the Campaign site, they will be asked to confirm their contact details, current vehicle information, as well as what new vehicle model they are considering purchasing. In this example, each model featured in this list, presents a variable Loyalty Incentive. As you can see, a $2,000 Loyalty Voucher is being offered on the F-150.

Which brings us to
Step 4. Lead Management:

As customers navigate the campaign site - every response is captured. You’ll know if the customer is a Visit, an Incomplete Response (who partially confirmed things) or a fully registered Lead who reached the pay off page, receiving the Voucher or reward. All of the info they confirm, will migrate over into Shift One - our analytics and Lead Management system. From here, your team will have a birds eye view of how the campaign is performing, which contacts are responding, as well as some tools to assist with outreach and booking appointments.

Step 5.
Sell More Vehicles.

There you have it. That was a quick run down, on the Shift Auto experience. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, please reach out or drop us a line. Thanks for watching! I’m Shawn with Shift Marketing Automotive. Until next time!"

August 30, 2023
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