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Database Marketing in 2021

Database marketing in 2021: How brand loyalty and the digital transformation are impacting database marketing.

Brand loyalty during the pandemic

For most brands, customer loyalty increased during 2020 according to J.D. Power*. The reason for a general increase in brand loyalty is not entirely clear, but it does emphasize the importance of database marketing in 2021. If car buyers are more likely to stay with their current brand, database or loyalty marketing can be a rewarding marketing strategy to improve upon to capture more sales.

The digital transformation 

While there is more upside to database marketing when customer loyalty is increasing, how we bring clients back in store is changing. Our customers are spending more time online. Online vehicle shopping was already a trend prior to the pandemic, but has been strengthened by various COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing requirements which are forcing customers online. Even though most shoppers are not ready to make the jump to 100% digital car buying, it is more important than ever that dealerships adjust by adding more digital processes to meet consumer demands and enhance the online customer experience. Your database marketing must also adapt to this change. 

Increasing customer loyalty signals that incremental improvements in database marketing can have a significant impact on sales in 2021 and the digital transformation is changing how we go about engaging those clients.

In this playbook, you will find metrics on communication methods, devices used by customers and suggestions for how you can engage with your customers all-year-round. Also included is how Shift Marketing is upgrading the digital customer experience to cater to your clients. We hope this playbook is helpful for you in 2021. Good luck!

NOTE: This article was previously published in the Shift Marketing 2021 Database Marketing Playbook, 2021.

*The J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Automotive Brand Loyalty Study. Customer loyalty is based on the percentage of vehicle owners who chose the same brand when trading in or purchasing their next vehicle. URL:
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